56 We Were Created to Develop Love to Unite to Love

God Is Love

We Were Created to Develop Love to Unite to Love

God, infinitely perfect and blessed  in himself, in a plan of sheer goodness, freely created man to let him share in his own blessed life. He wanted to share love because that is what love, which is what God is, compels.  In his Son and through him, he invites men to become, in the Holy Spirit, his adopted children and thus heirs of his blessed life. In revelation, by which God addresses and gives himself to man, and the faith by which man responds to God, man has union with God; the desire for God is written in the human heart. God sent his Son to heal us, to teach us, and to give us communion with Him.  Christ fulfilled the hidden oracles of all the prophets and brought to completion the Jewish faith in the most unexpected ways. By his life, death, and resurrection he fulfilled Isiah 49:24-26 by being our Lord, our Redeemer, and our Savior. Jesus completed the teachings of the prophets not only by how he taught us to love, but by dying to take away our sins through union with his cross with our own suffering so we could love. A cross takes away a "coating" on our heart, which deadens our ability to love, to believe again more fully, and to do works of charity. Only a cross will remove this coating. This proves evil, sin, and love are all spiritual forces. You lose the love that had to have created cats (or dogs) for people like me who wouldn't have anything else to love. That Jesus did both could not be a coincidence. When we partake of his body and blood it nourishes us and give us communon with him. Only by living the Gospels does man have a real connection to God that reaches to the center of his heart. They give man a feeling of love and joy and makes him feel complete like nothing else does. Only by following the Gospels and doing what's right, does man feel in contact with the center of his being. If you do wrong, you feel unanchored. This is because we are spiritual beings as when sin takes away love and a cross gives it back. Jesus is a life force whose words have actual power. His body and blood feed us and give us deeper union with him. When you take the path of worldly distractions or evils you can feel how it kills the Holy Spirit within you, how it kills love. Then it takes work to get it back. This is not something psychological. Following God's law is life-giving. 

But something had to have been here all along and it was God. 

Only a God, who is love, could have made a cat's personality. Or dog's. Only a deity. God gave us pets as companions and to give people something to love and to be loved. It is fascinating the love that created a cat is found by practicing what the Gospel teaches. We love because we were made in His image and were are to choose love in order to unite to love.  Now, think of a rose. In fact, think of all of God’s flowers. They are exquisite masterpieces that only a loving God could make. Not only are they beautiful, but they give us honey, which is another gift from God. As Simone Weil said: “In everything that gives us the pure, authentic feeling of beauty, there really is the presence of God. There is, as it were, an incarnation of God in the world, and it is indicated by beauty.” You experience God when you enjoy his creations. Think too, of an orange. It is a beautiful, vibrant color. It is refreshingly delicious, and it is very intricately made. It is a gift from God and a reason to believe. When enjoying an orange, one should marvel at the sun which is a separate entity from the earth but allows the seeds that become the orange to grow, along with water and soil. God had the sun be at a precise distance from the earth so it could make things grow.

The Catholic faith has an intricate economy of grace and fullness of belief that other Christian religions don’t seem to have. But it misses out a little on having a more personal relationship with Christ as our Lord and Savior that are in other Christian denominations. Some Christian religions fault the Catholics for having Baptism at birth but Catholics every year at Easter reaffirm their baptismal promises that their parents made for them. They also fault them for the Eucharist, but Jesus said: This is my body. This is my blood. God wanted us to have communion with him through the Eucharist. His body nourishes us and his blood, which ratified the predicted last and final covenant, takes away our sins and is life giving. 

Other religions that are not Christian and aetheists find fault with Christ’s miracles, saying that they didn’t occur. One argument they give is the overt miracles would have stopped the development of the soul because it could no longer be tested. By being tested, that is how the soul expands and develops love. They argue that if God absolutely manifested himself, people would become like spiritual robots and couldn’t develop love the right way. But the miracles might have been needed for the birth of the Church. To prove Christ was divine. Who made creation, after all, would have the power to alter it. We must have freedom to choose love for love to be effective in our souls which means God has to be hidden to some degree for our salvation to be worked out. We need free will to develop love but free will can also lead to sin and alienation from God. There could be the possibility the miracles were added, but because of how Christ fulfilled the obscure ways in the Old Testament in which he was predicted  and how sin is taken away  when we unite our cross to His, it is undeniable the Creator came to teach his people love and to take away their sins. All throughout the Old Testament in obscure ways, Christ was predicted. It is interesting, that the Creator of Life, would teach us His Word that enlivens life, while behavior that is not life giving, but takes away life, he teaches us not to do.  Our own cross allows us to love better again and believe again more fully when we unite it to Christ’s. Jesus gives us freedom. Freedom from sin and freedom from those psychological defects that interfere with love and really being psychologically free. You need to be free to truly love. 

The earth itself allows us to grow spiritually by allowing us to develop virtue and love. The physical allows the spiritual to develop. No other environment but the Earth would allow us to grow spiritually and be tested. Interaction with our fellow man and choosing to do good and be responsible by being challenged by life on Earth allows us to develop character and discipline which can develop into virtue which develops into love. It is interesting, as spiritual beings, that virtue develops into love and vice takes away our ability to love, until we suffer a cross, repent, and sacrifice. Then we love again and believe more fully again because the vice took away love from our soul clouding our relationship with God. Because we are spiritual beings, we only have true love and have true joy by uniting our cross to Christ's and by living out the Gospel. Because we are spiritual beings, only by doing what is right and true gives us the right kind of joy and love. 

On the Earth, there is suffering, but suffering allows someone else to be tested for compassion. It is a result of free will which is necessary to be tested and to develop love. Because we are spiritual beings, suffering united to God purifies and turns into love. It can remove the poisons of the world (ego, selfishness, sin) so that we can have compassion. Suffering makes one realize what is important in life. It can allow us to love better, to understand better, to mature, and to become disciplined. Suffering can transform. It can actually make one feel reborn. Suffering allows the divine to penetrate into what is human when uniting it to Jesus’ suffering on the cross. It is amazing that sometimes only suffering united to Christ's cross can make you be able to really love because we are spiritual beings. And it also allows you to see the truths St. Paul taught in his letters that had to have been revealed to him by Christ. But without a cross you really can't understand them. 

As Jerry Ryan in Spiritual Life magazine said: “It is only when we are confronted with an ambiguous and disconcerting reality that authentic faith can develop.” Faith is our acceptance of the destruction which God affects in us in order to conform us to God. This allows us to believe and to have true love and joy. Those who do evil do not love rightly again unless they are sorry and confess their sins and God sends them a cross. They did not lose God and the ability to love because of conscience. For most people anymore, conscience tells people that it is right to do something wrong to someone because of faults they find with that person. Faith dies without giving love. Since God is love, love is the only way you can know him. Faith and love you cannot separate. One is not true without the other. Faith allows death to be an instrument for man’s transformation and fulfillment. Without knowing one would die, man would not develop spiritually. Like the silkworm who dies and then becomes a butterfly, we are transformed when we die too, and if we have loved, we unite to the God who is love. Something had to have been here forever and it was God. It could not have been anything but a God that guided creation and made our extremely complex bodies with sight, hearing, speech, and emotions, so we spiritual beings could learn to love and be tested. We were made in God’s image but we are fallen due to pride. Because we are spiritual beings, we don’t find what we subconsciously crave with prestige and wealth. That craving is only filled by communion, by following the Scriptures, by purification (a cross and fasting) and by sacrifice. That proves we are spiritual beings. You only feel the right kind of love and the right kind of joy by doing what's right and true because of this. Consider people who feel important.The feelings people actual experience aren't that great but they are too busy thinking they are important to realize it.They probably have never known something better.  Feeling egotistical causes you to lose access to your center which is God. Doesn't that prove hat there is a higher purpose in life? Theoretically, you'd think being important would be the most important thing to achieve in life. That it would be life's highest pinacle. Then why doesn't it bring honest love and honest joy unless we are spiritual beings? Why does allowing our passions to dictate our behavior which cause our selfishness result in unhappiness and the loss of the ability to really feel love and joy unless we are wired by the Creator to only feel that way when we give unselfishly to others and love Him? 

Throughout the Old Testament, in many obscure ways, Christ was predicted. Those predictions were fulfilled in a definitive manner and it is unbelievable how they all did. One such prediction was when God had asked Abraham to sacrifice his son to prove Abraham loved God above all else. While they were going to the place God told Abraham to do it, his son Isaac asked him where the lamb for the sacrifice was. Abraham told his son, "God will provide one." God stayed Abraham's hand from carrying out the sacrifice of his son and instead Abraham sacrificed a ram instead. Later, lambs were used as a sacrifice as a sin offering or a fellowship offering and John the Baptist called Christ "The Lamb of God." God provided the sacrifice. Before the Exodus, the blood of lambs were sprinkled on the doorposts of the Israeli houses in Egypt to ward away death. As the Son of God, Christ's sacrifice is offered, and when we unite our cross to his, it takes away sin which is spiritual death because that is the death of love. Then by following the Gospels we truly love. His life and death and resurrection enabling us to be united to Him was the new, predicted covenant ratified by his blood. 

Maybe the problem someone has in rejecting Christianity is they feel God would not forgive all of their sins or that it is too late. But that is why God sent his Son. To transform us and teach us love. When we first encounter God, it then later gets to a point, where we are to seriously reflect on our sins and realize their consequences, and then all God asks to forigive is that we are truly sorry. The feeling of sorrow for our sins is what takes them away and transforms them because of the cross. That is accomplished better after learning about Christ, by fasting, prayer, and alms. 

There is a few other things I would like to add that right now I do not know how to incorporate into the main body of this essay:

1. Oil: Right from the start, people knew that the oil would end up causing serious pollution but they chose prosperity and materialism over a more meaningful life that was not deadened by those behaviors. It always grieved the Indians so very much right from the start what man always did to nature. Oil caused too much prosperity. The minute oil started getting produced, for the most part, religion went out the door. And those Indians. They never wanted any part of it. They wanted their mostly peaceful, meaningful life, where they were one with nature. They didn't destroy it. The settlers were always a bit rowdy.  But it is interesting that God let man be responsbile for ending mankind.  But it is probably a good thing the world is going to end. And Jesus will come before it does. I mean evil, greed,and lack of compassion seems to be increasing.  And maybe it is to end before the end of the Church or the suppression or denial of religion all over the earth. Maybe it is to end before there would be even more suffering than there is now or will be. And I know the government will never believe me but I suffer from having to hear very loud electronic noise. Before it was just noise, the device that causes me to hear that, used to do other things. But it causes symptoms of mental illness because of what it does.  The government will alway say I have mental illness. But I know, it is probably a good thing oil is going to end the world.  But nobody ever again will get to experience the love of a cat when the world ends. If the cats are in Paradise, they still wouldn't be as wonderful as cats on earth who cause your heart to explode with joy, particularly if you have a hard life. In my particular case, if it wasn't for a cat, I wouldn't have anything on this earth to love or to receive love from. I hope somehow, God can explain it in such a way that people won't revolt if  the cats aren't there which would cause God to kick them out. But I am sure Heaven is better than a cat on Earth. But if the cats aren't there........

I mean do the Satanists profess that the Devil will be victorious in the afterlife? How? He will be victorious on earth for a time, but his spirit is incompatable with the spirit of love which is heaven so he can never gain entry there to try to destroy it.  He never created anything.

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It probably got proven that I didn't write this essay because of the tremondous amount of dishonesty there is in the FBI and the CIA and the dishonest ways there are to prove I didn't and that someone else did.  And I have a tendency anymore because of the hatred I have over what gets done to me, to use God's name in vain a lot. But I wonder if God is really his name. Because when you say it sometimes, the sound of it can give disturb having a feeling of holiness and reverence for Him. 

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